Vertimax and Core Training

Designed to prepare the body physically to absorb force and contact while increasing the body’s ability to generate more power, agility, speed, and jumping ability.


  • Cost by itself: $99

  • Scheduling: Appointments only (guaranteed appointments must be made at least 12 hours in advance, appointment requests can also be granted)

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Max Appointments per day: 1

  • Max Appointments per month: 10

  • Size of the Group: Not to exceed 4

  • How to Schedule: Book online by selecting ‘Vertimax’

  • Combine with Small Group or LAB to receive 20% off

  • Recommended Ages: 6th grade and up



  • Utilized by athletes around the country, Vertimax is a tool designed to safely load the musculature of the muscles that mean the most to on-court athletes such as basketball and volleyball players.  The application of resistance bands synced with sports movements helps athletes develop the neurological recruitment and musculature development necessary to support and protect the body.

  • Athletes are able to sign-up and work in groups of no more than 4 on sport-specific movements designed to improve performance and protect the body

  • Focus on the musculature designed to enhance balance, explosiveness, agility, coordination, stability, hips and core will be performed.

  • Train up to 2 x week or 10 times per month

Basketball Dunk