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Why Courtside

Basketball is the greatest game in the world, and I count myself as one of many who have experienced not only how amazing it is, but what it can offer to you in return.  It has instilled numerous life lessons over the years and created memorable experiences while building countless relationships that have shaped my life. I have been fortunate enough over the years to play in High School at Merrillville, collegiately at Northern Illinois and as a professional in the European circuit. From there I was able to expand my love for the game by coaching at Merrillville High School for over 10 years and many youth programs along the way as well.


Along my journey, a deep feeling of wanting to share and pass along what I have learned from the game of basketball over the years was born in me. I have always been frustrated by the lack of opportunity for young players to have access to the game of basketball as well as players like themselves who were looking to improve. So, after many years of planning, I am extremely excited to share with you that my dream of opening a basketball facility is in the final stages of coming to life with the opening of Courtside by dlux. 


You might be asking, “what is Courtside?” Well let me tell you….


  • An old school gym that provides top level, personalized instruction to engage players combined with the new school technology training tools to take them to the next level. 

  • A team of experienced basketball instructors that will provide access, oversight and specific measurables to help boys and girls of all ages improve their ball handling, shooting skills and overall understanding of the game. 

  • We will offer skills camps and developmental leagues geared towards applying their improved skills with competitions in game formats




At the heart of who we are, there will always be two simple concepts. “Get Better. Be Great.” We want to inspire players to embrace the everyday grind of setting goals, embracing a challenging journey and always striving to get better, and be great. No matter how long someone plays the game, these core values will have a lasting impact. 


In preparation for our Grand Opening, and to ensure you’re a part of our program from the start, please make sure to  to sign up for all the latest in program announcements. Please share this information with anyone you feel might be interested as well. Shortly we will be making some formal announcements about initial membership discounts, program plans, individual skills training and a 3v3 Development Camp and League. 

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to seeing you at Courtside!


TJ Lux

Courtside by dlux

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