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3 on 3

(not your typical league!)

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What is it?

3 on 3 play is universally considered a better format for teaching and learning than 5 on 5, especially for younger, developing players.  Courtside was created to focus on the development of the individual player and apply it to competitive team play.  We are thrilled to launch our first program at Courtside by way of this league. 


Why a 3 on 3 league?

We will focus on teaching a different skill each week, isolate and practice it, then apply it to a competitive format.  This will help our players improve steadily and more rapidly through the smaller group and team formats.  

Format for each 75-minute weekly session:

  1. Introduce a Skill (various skills will be emphasized over season)

  2. Drill the Skill (trainer led, dedicated practice on skill progression)

  3. Apply the Skill (Application of skill to competitive situations)

  4. Game Time! (Teams will be divided weekly to always ensure new teammates, more opportunity, and individual standings to reward winning play)



As the current environment is somewhat fluid (you can read about our COVID commitment here), we will only be accepting a limited number of participants to ensure the capacity limits can be followed, whatever they may be at that time.  

So while we will not be accepting any payment at this time, your registration will guarantee you a 48 hour window to register.  We will send out the registration link when the window will open, soon.

Dates: March 22 through May 20

Ages:   3rd – 8th grade, both boys and girls!

Cost:   $190 (includes reversible jersey)

Spots are limited…Sign up to guarantee your spot!

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