The Lab

Self-Directed ‘Foundational Skills’ of shooting and ballhandling appointments that leverage the latest technology to provide coach-designed shooting workouts, interactive ballhandling, and ongoing progress tracking.  A great option for those looking for quality reps in a meaningful structure.



  • Cost by itself: $99

  • Scheduling: Appointments only (last minute bookings are available)

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Appointments per day: 2

  • How to Schedule: w/ a Dish – Look to Book online or with the app: Bullseye Lab 1 or Bullseye Lab 2 (w/out a Dr. Dish – Look to Book online or with the app: ½ Court Open 3 or ¼ Court Open 4)

  • Recommend ages: For Dr. Dish use, the minimum age recommended is 4th grade and up (all ages can utilize the ½ Court Open reservation)


  • Membership Details:


    • Pre-programmed workout routines designed to maximize time and efficiency to rep your shooting stroke.  Meaningful reps is the best way to improve your shooting and we want to maximize that time in 20 minutes time slots.

    • Coach review of progress and performance

    • Enrollment in our Tech Track to further dive into mechanics, tracking and improvement

    • Various opportunities to collaborate with a Coach to design the workout best suited for your goals.

    • Additional opportunities are available to make appointments for open baskets without Dr. Dish machines to work on your game.

    • Utilize the Lazer Dribbling Machine for an interactive ballhandling experience focusing on key dribble moves and conepts



  • Additional Membership Benefits: Access to Member Only Open Gyms, Discounts for future Courtside events, Discounts for additional Membership Offerings

Practicing Free Throws