Buckets & Ballhandling

Ongoing small group training with a Courtside Coach focused on all skill development to help players of all ages/skill levels reach their next level.


  • Cost by itself: $149

  • Scheduling: Appointments only (last minute bookings are available

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Max Appointments per day: 2

  • Max Appointments per month: 20

  • Size of the Group: Not to exceed 6

  • How to Schedule: Book online by selecting ‘Small Group Training’

  • Recommended Ages: 4th grade and up


Membership Details:


  • Shooting, Ballhandling, playing w/out the ball, one on one moves, coming off screens, footwork, defense all the skills are developed to help the player develop all the necessary skills to become a well-rounded player

  • Train for up to 40 minutes (2 appts x 20 minutes) a day, for up to 3 days a week in groups no larger than 6 working to get better at all the skills


Additional Membership Benefits:  Access to Member Only Open Gyms, Discounts for future Courtside events, Discounts for additional Membership offerings

Basketball Players Listening to Coach