Covid-19 Committment

As we prepare to open Courtside by dlux in January 2021, we wanted to first thank you for considering joining and to also communicate everything we are and will be doing to keep players, coaches, trainers, parents protected during these times.

This concern has been on the forefront of our minds and we want to state the measures we have taken during planning, construction, and our ongoing service offerings to promote the safest and cleanest environment possible.

Courtside was always based on providing the opportunity and expertise to any basketball player looking to get better while striving to be great.  

While we have a multitude of offerings, at the heart of what Courtside offers, is opportunity and expertise to any basketball players looking to get better.  Our membership model is predicated on individual and small groups which naturally lends itself to the social and physical distancing recommended to protect everyone from the virus.

Additionally, the development leagues and camps we will offer will be adjusted to ensure the safety of each individual and hopefully give confidence to all parents who will entrust the environment we are creating.  

We are prepared to adhere strictly to any requirements and will maintain the following guidelines as much as we possibly can:

  • Adhere to any federal, state, and local requirements while we open and throughout ongoing operations

  • Masks worn by all instructors and trainers

  • Physically distancing players whenever possible 

  • Social distancing for parents and spectators

  • Limiting capacity based on current guidelines

  • Use of both front and rear entry/exit points to facilitate group changes whenever appropriate

  • Strict sanitation policies including disinfecting touch points and basketballs on regular intervals

  • Hand-washing or hand-sanitizing by each member, participant and employee upon entry

  • Employee temperature checks

We all feel the sadness and challenges the effects that COVID-19 have on our country but we are optimistic, excited, and energized to execute our plan while keeping kids safe and parents confident with our approach.